मशीनों, यंत्रों के पुर्जों आदि की कटिंग, फिटिंग तथा निर्माण एवं मरम्मत करने वाले मिस्त्री को फिटर कहते हैं ।


         is a gathering structural framework vocational trade. The span of course is two years with four semesters of six months each. There are numerous things/aspects understudies learn during course, for example, fitting and gathering auxiliary structures and lodgings from materials like edge iron, I-shafts, and plate steel, utilizing hand-devices and welding hardware and taking after plan details: inspects outlines and materials rundown to get parts particulars, and so on. The exchange is great from occupation perspective as it opens numerous alternatives for independent work on one hand and further studies choices on other hand. There are such a large number of ITIs and different establishments offering trade.